Silky Natural Fit BB Cream

Silky Natural Fit BB Cream

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  • Soft rolling with matt finishing suitable for greasy and oily skin
  • Elastice silky Powder makes your skin supple and soft all day long as it discreetly conceals skin’s little flaws and uneven tone
  • Oil-free formula that can effectively and evenly cover facial pores and other defects, clog free
  • Micro cover powder perfectly covers blemishes, dark spots and fine wrinkles for natural looking even skin tone.
  • Oil control ingredients (Lavender, Green tea, Portulaca Oleracea) suppress excessive sebum to keep away shine.


Active Ingredients: 

Camomile Extract ,Lavender Extract, Green Tea Extract, PORTULACA OLERACEA (GREEN PURSLANE) EXTRACT, Hydromanil-75560, Repair Complex CLR

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